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Meet the Family


George Williams

A living legend of the access door industry, George is the CEO of the Williams Brothers Corporation of America. After fifty-two years in the construction and architectural industry, George institutes his tradition and experience to WBCA operations. George is the creative and technical mind behind many of the doors we feature today. George is also the founder of both Williams Brothers and Strike First in the United States. George nourishes his engineering mind by building and running model trains, coin collecting, and gardening. George is also a die hard Colts and Maple Leafs fan. Despite George’s busy schedule, he is always available to receive phone calls from anyone.


Angie Williams

Angie Williams is the Vice President of Williams Brothers Corporation. Angie helps customers by understanding their needs with detailed architectural specifications, special or odd sized doors, and all roofing and floor door information. Angie is fluent in Italian, French, and English; in addition, Angie uses her various languages to help international customers have a better understanding of products, information, and building codes. Angie trumps all competitors with her vast knowledge of the application of access doors, floor doors, and roof hatches. With this attribute, Angie proves to be a tenacious and worthy opponent on the sales field; however, Angie balances her business life by venturing to Washington D.C. to enjoy the fine arts portrayed by museums like the National Art Gallery because Angie is an avid reader and learner. Her leadership is taken far beyond the Williams Brothers as she is the President of the Parent Association at the local school my children attend.


Carla Williams

Carla Williams is the daughter of Angie and George Williams. Carla works in customer service where she deals directly with customers, aiding them with any inquires on access doors. She is well versed on the specifications of many of the doors. Carla also manages all media relations with Williams Brothers to help market WBCA to both the distributors and end-users. Carla is a graduate of the University of Mary Washington located in Fredericksburg, Virginia, and she holds her Bachelors of Arts in History. In her free time, she is an avid runner, reader, and writer. Carla is a recognizable leader on the phone or on the floor, always putting the customer’s needs first.. In the future, she intends to pursue her masters in history and hopefully become a renowned author, but for now she loves helping her parents.


Marcus Williams

Marcus Williams is the son of Angie and George Williams. Marcus is the lead sales man at WBCA, who is knowledgeable on all building products and is constantly educating himself on modern building and architectural advancements. Marcus has orchestrated multiple business deals with some of the largest cooperative groups in the United States and has more than tripled the amount of representation Williams Brothers has. Marcus has a Bachelor of Science degree from Hampden Sydney College in Psychology and hopes to obtain a Master of Business Administration in the near future. At Hampden-Sydney, Marcus was a brother of Chi Phi fraternity and a resident advisor receiving multiple honors on the Dean’s List.


Gabriel Williams

Gabriel Williams is the son of Angie and George Williams. He attends Randolph-Macon Academy; an Air Force college prep boarding school located in Front Royal, Virginia where he is one of the highest-ranking cadets but also serves on the honor council holding a 4.0 GPA, ranking him in the top 5% of his class. During his after school hours, he partakes in various sport activities such as cross-country and basketball. Gabriel is also a Boy Scout on the verge of obtaining an Eagle Scout rank. Gabriel hopes to attend Hampden-Sydney College in central Virginia and eventually pursue a law degree. At the office, Gabriel helps both in the office as a sales associate and in the warehouse with strapping and wrapping orders during his academic holidays.