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Service Bulletin #002
Service Bulletin #002 Click HERE for PDF version
SUBJECT: Strike First 2.5 lb and 5 lb Dry Chemical Fire Extinguishers • Models WBSF-ABC110AP, WBSF-ABC210AP and WBSF-ABC340AP • Certain serial numbers only (see below)
DATE: December 2005
Strike First retrofit program
Strike First Corporation of America (“Strike First”) is issuing Service Bulletin #002 as a supplement to Service Bulletin #001 issued in August 2004. Strike First has determined that the valve stem seat in a number of its 2.5 and 5 lb fire extinguishers assembled between December 2002 and February 2004 may prevent the extinguisher from discharging properly when the lever is activated. As a result of this condition, Strike First has initiated a fire extinguisher retro-fit program for these units.RETRO-FIT KITS ARE AVAILABLE FREE OF CHARGE BY CONTACTING YOUR LOCAL STRIKE FIRST DISTRIBUTOR, OR BY CONTACTING STRIKE FIRST DIRECTLY.
How to identify affected units
Only Strike First models WBSF-ABC110AP, WBSF-ABC210AP and WBSF-ABC340AP with the following serial numbers are subject to this Notice.
Model number Affected serial numbers
WBSF-ABC110AP TC101566-TC108819
WBSF-ABC210AP TC114969-TC135000
WBSF-ABC340AP TC135894-TC142345
These units are designed for commercial, industrial, multi-residential and vehicle applications. The vast majority will be found in businesses and other commercial spaces, which require service by a fire extinguisher service company. To locate the serial number, look at the label of the fire extinguisher, below the “UL” mark, as depicted in the following photographs:
How does the retrofit program work?
Strike First is making available, free of charge, retrofit kits for retrofitting the fire extinguishers that are affected by this Bulletin. Each retrofit kit includes a replacement valve stem assembly, and detailed instructions for removing the existing valve stem assembly from an affected unit and replacing it with the new valve stem assembly. Once the valve stem assembly in an affected unit is properly replaced by a qualified fire extinguisher service organization, the unit will discharge as intended.
Dealers: Strike First asks that you contact persons and organizations to whom you sold the limited class of fire extinguishers affected by this Bulletin, and provide them with a copy of the attached “Notice to Owner”, which describes the retrofit program and advises the owner how to ensure that the unit is properly retrofitted. In the event that you sold fire extinguishers affected by this Bulletin to another distributor or dealer, Strike First asks that you forward a copy of this Bulletin and a copy of the “Notice to Owner” to that distributor or dealer.

Inspection, service and recharge organizations: Strike First asks that: (a) you contact persons and organizations that are known to possess fire extinguishers affected by this Bulletin, and provide them with a copy of the attached “Notice to Owner”, which describes the retrofit program and advises the owner of an affected unit how to ensure the unit is properly retrofitted; and (b) in the course of inspecting, servicing and recharging fire extinguishers affected by this Bulletin, or as requested by an owner, you retrofit affected units in accordance with the instructions and using retrofit kits provided by Strike First.

Contacting Strike First
For further information, or to obtain retro-fit kits and instructions on how to retro-fit your Strike First fire extinguisher, contact your local Strike First distributor, or contact Strike First directly: Strike First Corporation of America, 1330 Progress Drive, Front Royal, Virginia, 22630. Telephone: 1-800-255-5515. Fax: 1-800-822-5001. Email: info@localhost Website: